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Frequently Asked Questions

We are advocate for science based training aka modern dog training, a method rooted in learning theory, classical conditioning and operant conditioning based on scientific evidences and updated studies.

We use applied behavior analysis which diverged from the field of psychology to help clients learn and modify behaviours that will help them succeed in the current environment.

We use mainly positive reinforcement techniques and do not use aversive tools and techniques.

Your dog will be empowered in making choices and participate actively. 

In the process of training, the bond between you and your dog will be strengthened.

All trainings will be conducted as 1-on-1 private sessions, either in your home environment or vicinity where the dog is most comfortable to maximise learning. Depending on customised training plans, we may proceed to places where generalization of training is required, such as parks, carparks, veterinary clinics.

Initial assessment and discussion, antecedent arrangement, and recommendation of training plans.

Training plan entails of the theory, hands on and follow up plans. 

We will support our clients with text messages and assist to review training videos to ensure training practices are conducted effectively.

We train with the belief that the training process should be brimming with load of positive experiences. Our training focus on rewarding our learners (dogs) for good behaviours, rather than punishing bad behaviour. We produce dogs that are trained and happy and happy dogs are well-behaved dogs!

We create individualized training plan to reduce stressors and teach life skills to eliminate behavior problem. Our methology shows better progress because it increases the dogs’ confidence, enthusiasm in trying and more importantly enhances the relationship with its owners.

Punishment may stop the undesired behavior in your presence but continues when you are absent and punishment does not teach the desired behaviour. For punishment to be effective, punishment will have to create a strong emotional impact on the dog. This can create anxiety, instill fear, increased aggression and reactivity, negative association with owner and negative association with training.  

Positive reinforcement training is widely used in modern zoos to train animal to perform specific behaviours voluntarily such as blood drawing. If huge exotic animals like tigers, elephant and seals respond well to positive reinforcement, why is there a need for punishment for our dogs? 

We should teach and reinforce the desired behaviour. By teaching our dogs through love , patience and rewards, both trainers and dogs are enriched and there is brillance created with the trust and bond established. 

The good news is that food is not the only form of reinforcement we can use in training, there are a number of others ways you can reinforce your dog’s behavior. You know your dog best, find a non-food reinforcer, it can be activities, toys, games that your dog loves!

One of the biggest misconceptions pet owners have when hiring a trainer is that they are paying the trainer to train the dog.

Dogs listen to handlers who trains them and the relationships are based on reinforcement history. The more you train, the more you reward, the better your relationship with your dogs, training reaffirm the dog-owner bond.

We impart the knowledge and skills needed to reinforce desirable behavior and establish an effective communication with your dogs. 

Training should be a blast of fun and worth looking forward to doing together with your dog.

We welcome the whole family on board to participate in training. Consistency is key!

Our puppy foundation package is priced at SGD 1,350 for 10 lessons and to be completed within a 10 weeks continuous period. (Ideally to complete within the puppy socialisation period).

For any other training programme, each customised session is priced at SGD 150 for about 60 to 75 minutes.

The number of sessions required depends on the your commitment and progression pace of the learner (dog).

We will provide our best support in achieving your desired training objectives.