Our Services

Puppy Foundation (10 weeks)

Age 2 to 5 months old
Socialization and confidence building
Life Skills
Handling & Cooperative Care
Husbandry Care

Other challenges eg potty training, chewing etc  

Adolescent & Adults Life Skills

Functional Obedience: Sit, down, Stay/Wait, Drop/ Leave, Recall

Focus & Impulse Control 

Loose Leash Walking 

Handling & Cooperative Care 

Husbandry Care 

Scent Work Enrichment 

Behaviour Analysis & Modification

Excessive Barking 

Fear and Frustration 


Resource Guarding 

Seperation Anxiety

Other Possible Challenges 

Rescue Rehabilitation

Decompression & Assimilation
Establishing communication
Establishing relationship

Life Skills 

Environmental Evaluation and Management

Setting the environment for successful integration Moving into new house?

Planning to bring home a puppy or dog?

Arrival of a new born child? 

Having a new helper, or long term guest?  


Special Requests

Online consulting Sessions? 

Gifting a training package? 

Let us know your request, contact us for a discussion